The Johnson Controls Success

   We believe success comes from passion
  and a love for what you do. As such we aim
 to enable each employee's personal
development plan.

The Johnson Controls Success

// Johnson Controls Enables Your Own Definition of success

We believe success comes from a passion and a love for what you do. Be it helping others, working close to your hometown, making the world a safer place or having work-life balance,, we will support your growth as a professional depending on your personal preferences and aspirations.

Have you thought about your personal definition of “success”? At Johnson Controls we celebrate and enable various ways of achieving professional and personal success: as we believe that achieving personal balance is vital to job satisfaction and job progression.

For this reason, we are dedicated to supporting the “Johnson Controls Success”, defined as fulfilling the aspirations and individual career paths of each and every worker, in line with their own definition of success. By providing opportunities to all employees to reflect on their personal preferences and aspirations, as well as supporting lateral, horizontal, international and time-flexible opportunities, Johnson Controls aims at supporting the achievement of each employee’s personal goals.   

In Johnson Controls we have a passion to protect what matters most. Through our products, services, integrated solutions and drive for excellent customer service, we want to make the world a safer place.

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How Do You Define Success?

  • Success for me is, that I never stop dreaming: you will become tomorrow what you dare to dream today. Plan your career in steps but never forget the north star representing your ultimate dream. 
    (President at Johnson Controls Continental Europe)

  • Success for me is being on the road each day and having the opportunity to solve challenging technical problems at customer sites. 
    (Service Technician at Johnson Controls in Spain)

  • Success for me is to combine my family life and my job through part-time work during this period of my life. 
    (Assistant at Johnson Controls in Germany)

  • Success for me is that I can see huge, complex projects evolving and be part of the construction of a prominent, well-known building. 
    (Project Manager Technical Projects at Johnson Controls in Switzerland)

  • Success for me is that through my job I can help people in danger. Being aware of such responsibility is my success.
    (Monitoring Center Agent at Johnson Controls in Spain)

  • Success for me is that I have finally found a job that makes me happy. I have great colleagues and I enjoy coming here every day. For me the working environment is very important. 
    (Finance Accountant at Johnson Controls in France)

  • Success for me is when I can develop and learn. I feel supported by my boss and the company during my evening university studies. 
    (Payroll Accountant at Johnson Controls in Germany)

  • Success for me is not only the opportunity to learn, but I also to be able to bring my ideas to the table and feel that they are always taken seriously by my colleagues. Success for me is when I see my ideas out in practice. 
    (Trainee at Johnson Controls in Germany)

  • Success for me is that have worked many years for Johnson Controls, and have never felt bored. 
    (Installation Technician at Johnson Controls in Belgium)

  • Success for me is that I feel I am having an impact through my active involvement in the Women’s Growth Network in my country. Thanks to this activity I have connected with international female leaders in our company, who inspire me every day. 
    (Finance Teamleader at Johnson Controls in Italy)

Press and Media Contact

Press and Media Contact

Jens von Ebbe
Director Marketing, BD and Strategy Continental Europe

+49 2102 7141207


Careers Contact

Careers Contact

Günter Schauerte
Senior HR Business Partner Continental Europe


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