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Customised solutions for every level of security 

We offer Banking Security Solutions that go beyond the traditional by integrating risk management, life safety and security management technologies to reduce operational costs and increase levels of protection and customer service.

These bespoke solutions which include Access Control, Intruder Detection and 24/7 Monitoring, help financial institutions assist with fraud and liability issues as well as manage the risks of robberies, kidnappings, workplace violence and business continuity.

We’re able to tailor these solutions to match the extensive and extremely complex security requirements of organisations of every size, from branch networks to corporate head offices and operation centres. Our global experience in the financial institution security sector will in turn instill customer confidence and optimize your investments.

Our Banking & Finance tailored solutions and benefits

Life Saving Alarm Technologies

We go beyond facility alarms to provide alarm technologies that can communicate on your network and deliver reliable alarm notifications, immediate monitored support and customised reports. These banking security innovations can help save lives in the event of an emergency.

Learn more about Intruder Alarms

Identity Management and Access Control Options

Our stand-alone, fully-integrated electronic Access Control solutions allow you to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas in your organisation and collect and analyse traffic intelligence data. We offer mid-level applications with standard features such as Video Surveillance / CCTV and Monitoring, as well as robust systems suited to multiple administrators.

Learn more about Access Control

24/7 Managed Video and Monitoring

We offer a host of Video Surveillance and Video Storage services which provide proactive detection and enhanced investigation capabilities via Video Content Analysis, Video Analytics or 24/7 Monitoring to help you keep an eye on your facilities while keeping costs to a minimum.

Learn more about Video Surveillance and CCTV

Fire Protection for Critical Operations

Millions of daily financial transactions rely heavily on electronic infrastructure, which means any unscheduled halt caused by a fire hazard could have dramatic effects on customer relationships and business continuity. Our robust and reliable range of integrated fire, security and safety systems have a proven track record of use for special hazards installations, to help protect high-risk, high-value environments and operations.

Learn more about Fire Protection

Why Johnson Controls for Banking & Finance?

We help support organisational resilience and regulatory compliance efforts with an extensive array of best-in-class business security solutions, coupled with reliable training and support. We’re at the forefront of standards and regulations, helping to configure, integrate, implement and maintain advanced systems to address any security incidents. Benefits for financial institutions include:

  • Reliability: trustworthiness of Johnson Controls as an experienced global player.
  • Integration: we help integrate fire and security solutions within your existing bank / institution processes.
  • Consultancy: we will help perform risk assessment, evaluate the latest technology and select the right solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Resilience: we address the latest standards that guide compliant institutions to develop and implement policies and programs that not only protect physical assets and people, but also address legal requirements.

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“Johnson Controls’s solutions stood out from the competition by combining local industry knowledge and internationally recognised, quality products with a proven track record of being the best for theft reduction.”


“Johnson Controls’s solution for Aspiag Service has resulted in a reduction in inventory losses, which quickly covered the installation costs: this investment produced an increase in profits”


“Through the offering of a complete, scalable, remotely manageable store performance platform, Johnson Controls’s integrated approach distinguishes it from the competition”

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