Critical Infrastructure

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Critical Infrastructure

// Critical Infrastructure Security

Protecting the backbone of today’s economy, security and health

Our evolving environment presents a growing number of challenges. Global trends of urbanisation, globalisation and interdependence of physical and digital infrastructure are affecting our society and economy, making them interdependent from secure, functioning and resilient critical infrastructure.

This affects among others energy suppliers, transport and logistics infrastructures, hospitals, information and communications networks and media outlets. These critical infrastructures are vulnerable to a range of criminal activities such as industrial espionage, vandalism, organised crime and terrorism, as well as natural disasters and the unfortunate consequences of human error or technical malfunction.

Our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of designing and implementing integrated systems ensures that we can meet your specialised Critical Infrastructure protection needs. We’re proud to offer you solutions that are in full compliance with all requirements, regulations and safety standards.

Our Critical Infrastructure tailored solutions and benefits

Integrating Security, Emergency Communication and Fire Systems

Integrated systems bring together multiple security and fire protection systems into one centralised environment. Benefits of this approach include the use of:

  • Video Surveillance solutions to improve alarm verification;
  • Message prioritisation and dynamic standard operating procedures to ensure streamlined communication among stakeholders during an emergency;
  • Fire Detection and Public Address systems to identify issues early and ensure a coordinated and timely response.
  • Critical Facility Access and Perimeter Detection to monitor all entry points and prevent unauthorized access

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Real-time, Actionable Intelligence

Integrating multiple systems featuring both new and legacy technologies can turn silos of data into real-time intelligence. By automating Video Analytics and Data Analysis, you’re able to improve business processes and quickly coordinate responses to incidents. In addition, physical and logical systems can be integrated to help tackle cyber terrorism and protect critical infrastructure data centres and digital assets.

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Coordinated Response to Minimise Human and Economic Costs

In the case of an emergency or major incident, it is vital to have a coordinated response between the organisation concerned and all necessary external agencies. It’s equally important to ensure a robust verification process to prevent false alarms, which can be both costly and time intensive. Being able to respond to the growing needs of Critical Infrastructure protection is our priority, which we have addressed by expanding and developing our expertise as enterprise security systems integrators.

Why Johnson Controls IFS for Critical Infrastructure?

We are a global player with strong regional presence and support full compliance with local up-to-date legislation and full territory coverage. For Critical Infrastructure, Johnson Controls Integrated Fire & Security can provide:

  • Increased protection at all levels of security, whilst improving staff productivity
  • Integration of multiple fire and security systems within an overall risk management and emergency response plan
  • Powerful business intelligence and analytics features, to allow process automation, immediate alert notification system and advanced video analytics capabilities

Our solutions help your security personnel react faster to threats and ensure they have all the right information needed to respond accordingly.

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