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Protecting Government properties and assets

Government protection requires a scalable security system in order to safeguard citizens, civil servants, elected officials, key records and personal information. Government facilities are often multi-site, which results in common issues such as disparate legacy Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), authentication of employees, contractors, visitors, managing access levels and system integration. There is also a move towards modernisation of older legacy systems to more robust computing platforms and open system architecture for integration and interoperability with other sub-systems such as visitor management, IDS, CCTV and building systems.

As Government security contractors, we’re able to tailor our offering to meet your specific needs – whether it’s for legislative offices, individuals or governmental buildings. We have unmatched expertise in securing and monitoring every conceivable type of public facility, including:

  • Critical Infrastructure, such as energy suppliers, financial institutions, logistics infrastructures, hospitals, information and communications networks, and media outlets
  • Executive, judicial and legislative branch public buildings, law enforcement buildings and assets
  • Correctional facilities such as prisons and psychiatric wards
  • Transportation centers including airports, subways, borders and ports
  • Public utilities, including dams, water supplies and nuclear plants
  • Public spaces, including stadiums and parks

Our Government tailored solutions and benefits

Johnson Controls Expertise and Qualifications

Our teams can deliver solutions requiring high levels of clearance and capability. Our solutions and personnel meet the highest standards and we also ensure credentialing and compliance with the latest regional regulations.

Smart Card Enrolment / Authentication

Perception is important. A security system will assure staff and visitors that they, and their property, is safe. We’ve confirmed the need for a common interoperable governmental credential that can be used for logical and physical access control, which has driven a tighter integration of enrollment and smart card authentication requirements with the Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). Using our access control smart card enrollment and authentication solution, government employees or contractors can use their government issued smart card which does away with the need for multiple cards. It’s one that grants access to specific areas but not to restricted areas.

More about our Access Control Solutions

Multi-site, Legacy System Integration

As Johnson Controls Integrated Fire & Security is a leading developer of Access Control and Integrated Security Management systems software, we can consolidate under one command and control centre. These multiple legacy systems include Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intruder Alarm and Fire Protection.

Using our innovative technology, a number of government agencies have been able to develop bespoke plans to address their needs. Over the last several years, these agencies have also realised cost savings through consolidation, improved management and administrative processes and the implementation of uniform system training and maintenance operations.

More about our Integrated Solutions

Why Johnson Controls for Government?

Our experience, expertise and innovative technologies enable us to address government safety and security challenges at national, regional and local levels. We are uniquely qualified for government contracting work and manage a wide range of issues such as access to buildings and sensitive data, and compliance with regulations.

As a recognised leader in protecting the world's most important government facilities and assets, we help improve safety for public employees, citizens, buildings and critical infrastructure by reducing risks from terrorism, vandalism, theft and fraud.

Our Customers


“Johnson Controls’s solutions stood out from the competition by combining local industry knowledge and internationally recognised, quality products with a proven track record of being the best for theft reduction.”


“Johnson Controls’s solution for Aspiag Service has resulted in a reduction in inventory losses, which quickly covered the installation costs: this investment produced an increase in profits”


“Through the offering of a complete, scalable, remotely manageable store performance platform, Johnson Controls’s integrated approach distinguishes it from the competition”

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