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Retailers operate in a fiercely competitive economic environment whilst having to keep up with increasing distribution and marketing channels and ever-changing consumer habits. As traditional retail models evolve, retailers need to reassess store portfolios and adopt an "omni-channel" approach. This means stores become a brand experience where shoppers can access all channels simultaneously, allowing retailers to track activity across channels.

Whether operating a fashion store, jewellery store, pharmacy or supermarket, securing your inventory from theft, reducing shrink, managing out of stock and optimising employee productivity are key to driving profitability. We offer a comprehensive line of intelligent solutions to help safeguard retailers and performance solutions to reshape your day-to-day retail environment which results in performance gains while driving the omni-channel concept.

Our Sensormatic® brand offers the world's leading Global Source Tagging program, with unrivalled system performance and superior reliability so you can devote your time and energy to serving customers.

Take a look below to understand how we apply these tailored solutions for each Retail Vertical Segment to help you achieve business goals and visit our Retail Solutions area to learn more about our EAS and Store Performance Solutions.

Tailored solutions for each Retail Vertical Segment

Apparel and Fashion

With fast evolving fashion trends and pressure to increase margins, fashion retailers are carefully evaluating their in-store environments. A retail space can be redefined, renewed and essentially transformed by using quality Security and Inventory Intelligence solutions. In fact, today’s retail climate requires this type of innovative thinking, especially in the fashion and apparel space.

Some of the common challenges plaguing these industries include shoplifting, inventory control and conversion rates. Our garment tags have to keep up with changing fashions as well as ever-resourceful shoplifters who continually invent new methods of removing these security tags from garments. Our RFID-enabled solutions detect, analyse, and prevent out of stock conditions, removing uncertainty from inventories and preventing lost sales for retailers.

Applying the right solution to combat these issues can maximise your Store Performance and ultimately produce fast fashion results.

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics retailers must create customer-centric spaces – a showroom of sorts – to exhibit the features and benefits of today’s hottest products.

Reinventing the retail space to accommodate today’s consumer and optimising a store’s performance is the ongoing challenge. With the short product life cycles and often low margins on tech items, retailers are equally challenged with managing inventory efficiently, as out-of-stock items can damage a customer’s shopping experience. We can help secure your profitability with our Inventory Intelligence solutions. 

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DIY and Hardware

Experts are affirming the need for best practices in the Do it Yourself (DIY)/Hardware retail market. We assist you in focusing on those basics by optimising your store for maximum performance.

Best practices like educating consumers and empowering employees to oversee that education is top priority. Other fundamental retail practices should be re-evaluated and addressed such as inventory control, internal and external theft and above all safety. The right “back to basics approach” will ensure customer loyalty and increase revenue.

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Health and Beauty

For the last decade or so, the on-going trend that’s riddling the health and beauty sector is how the traditional store is morphing into a multi-faceted retail arena with health, beauty, gifts and much more. This industry also presents a unique challenge in retail security, as items which are high priced and small such as cosmetics, aftershaves, razor refills and electric toothbrushes are often popular shoplifting targets.

For products that demand availability to the customer for sample or inspection, security seals are one way to please your Loss Prevention department and shoppers.

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Jewellery Stores

Jewellery stores have special needs in terms of security and additional measures are often needed to protect both merchandise and employees.

In addition to specialty retail products, we provide advanced EAS options, such as security tags, pins and labels that are adaptable to any situation. We also stock hang tags for jewellery and sunglasses, allowing them to be tried on in store without the tag interfering with the customer’s shopping experience.

We can also support the need for Integrated Solutions through our complete portfolio of Video Surveillance, Intruder Detection and 24/7 Monitoring.

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Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Within the retail supermarket landscape, retailers have to position themselves as a one-stop-shop to attract shoppers.

Product assortment, store atmosphere and competitive pricing can impact the customer’s overall shopping experience. Supermarket retailers struggle over issues such as managing inventory, slim margins, shopping navigation and shoplifting. In order to maximise all facets of the store, retailers must optimise the store’s performance.

Integrated security and Retail Store Performance Solutions acquire store-specific data to efficiently address these challenges, while improving overall store performance and profitability.

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Department Stores

Perceptive department store retailers must constantly scrutinise ways to boost their business. Retailers often underestimate their blind spots such as managing complex inventory or maintaining security in upstairs/downstairs layouts. Visibility is key for this comprehensive shopping environment and department store retailers should revitalise and optimise their sales floor format to address all blind spots. People counting is essential for a manageable conversion rate.

In today’s dynamic retail landscape, proactive Security and Intelligence measures are the most cost-effective ways to maximise store performance and increase profitability.

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Why Johnson Controls IFS Retail Market Solutions?

Each year, our Retail Solutions help protect over 3 billion products at leading consumer outlets around the world. We are committed to using our global resources and network of value-added partners to:

  • Reduce shoplifting, theft and vendor fraud.
  • Extensive expertise as a turnkey designer, installer and service provider.
  • Increase your sales and protect your profits.
  • Maintain inventory accuracy.

Our breadth of solutions spans all major retail vertical markets, from department stores and specialty stores to food purveyors, DIY and mass merchants.

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“Through the offering of a complete, scalable, remotely manageable store performance platform, Johnson Controls’s integrated approach distinguishes it from the competition”

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