Monitoring Centre Services

  Highly trained staff and advanced
 monitoring solutions to enhance your
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Monitoring Centre Services

// Monitoring Services

Meeting your holistic security needs

We hold ourselves to the industry’s toughest standards, providing access to advanced technology and highly trained and skilled professionals to meet your Monitoring Security needs. Our Monitoring Centre Stations house a range of advanced Fire and Security Solutions, including electronic Access Control, Video Surveillance, Monitoring, Intrusion Detection and Critical Condition (flood, temperature) Detection.

Our well-trained, helpful professionals are always there to help protect what matters most: once they receive the alarm signal, they verify the alarm and forward the information according to the processes that were established in alignment with your specific needs. This could for example involve sending out an alarm response officer, alerting the fire or police department, or reaching out directly to you.

We also support your security management needs through:

  • Remote Guard Tours
  • Video Assist
  • Video Escort
  • Remote Access Control
  • Video Alarm Verification

Read about our comprehensive solution of Video Surveillance as a Service

Monitoring Centre Professionals

All Johnson Controls Integrated Fire & Security Monitoring professionals undergo extensive training which translates into a professional commitment shared by all: deliver the proper response within minutes of receiving a critical incoming alarm call. 

Technical Assistance Specialists

Our teams of highly skilled Technical Assistance Specialists know the security systems inside out. They are trained on how our alarm systems are put together, how they’re installed, how they work and troubleshooting problems that may arise. 

Monitoring Centre Features and Benefits

  • Intrusion Detection: monitoring to help guard against intrusion of your critical facilities 24/7
  • Hold-up/Panic Alarms: keep your people safe around the clock with our 24-hour Monitoring presence
  • Fire Detection: Our Monitoring Centres support you with rapid response to fire and smoke detection alarms, 24/7 availability, dispatching emergency fire and police personnel when a verified alarm is received
  • Critical Condition Monitoring: Around-the-clock monitoring of critical conditions including operating temperatures, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring, radiation level monitoring and more.
  • Flood Detection. Notification of flood potential at the first sign of detection

Our Customers


“Johnson Controls’s solutions stood out from the competition by combining local industry knowledge and internationally recognised, quality products with a proven track record of being the best for theft reduction.”


“Johnson Controls’s solution for Aspiag Service has resulted in a reduction in inventory losses, which quickly covered the installation costs: this investment produced an increase in profits”


“Through the offering of a complete, scalable, remotely manageable store performance platform, Johnson Controls’s integrated approach distinguishes it from the competition”

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