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Access Control

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The key to security control

Prevent unauthorised access and restrict access to sensitive areas of your organization, while collecting and analysing traffic intelligence data with our Access Control systems. We afford you enterprise-wide security, via sophisticated Access Control points and a safe environment through Video Monitoring for employees, visitors, staff, amenities and assets. This includes vehicle Access Control and vehicle flow, as well as management of critical information and staff deployment in emergency situations.

Having the ability to limit unauthorised entry is just one of the benefits of our Access Control systems. Protecting your employees and business against damage, theft or potential harm is a benefit you can't put a price tag on. Whether your business has only one-way access or multiple entry points, Access Control security systems are scalable and can be customised to fit your business and security needs.

Command and control centre

Johnson Controls provides you a means for a command and control centre to manage Access Control, Video, Intrusion and Fire Detection through one fully Integrated Solution. This means:

  • You can centrally manage your CCTV and Access Control alarms while seamlessly integrating your different security systems
  • As your company grows, you can build in any new security features within the system
  • You can control all your sites from one centralised location, also globally

Value-added features and services

Multi-technology Readers with Biometric Identification

Verify individuals based on a physical attribute such as a fingerprint. This unobtrusive and user-friendly technology simply scans the individual's attributes to reliably restrict access to your facilities and sensitive areas of operations.

With this secure verification system, lost cards, forgotten passwords and outdated keypads are a thing of the past. Fingerprint identification, iris identification, facial identification and other technologies are also available as part of our Biometric Solutions. 

Portable Card Readers

A quick way of setting up temporary check points and spot checks, our portable card readers can be used for external meeting areas / conferences, or as a crisis security measure in the case of disasters or other emergency situations.

Visitor Management

Track and monitor visitors so you know who is in your organisation at all times. Complementing our other Integrated Solutions, we do more than issue badges or barcodes for authorised entry - we allow you to track usage statistics by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor locations within a facility.

Product Portfolio

We offer different Access Control solutions to fit the needs of our customers. We can provide basic or standalone solutions, suitable for small offices, building sites, schools or retail units, as well as networked or pc based systems, suitable for multi-door and/or multi-site installations within larger offices, industrial units, warehouses, hospitals and universities.

Kantech (Integrated Security Platform)

An easy-to-deploy solution for small enterprises with a specific need for Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intruder Alarms.

C•CURE 9000 Site Server

This ready-to-use Access Control system for small and medium enterprises is cost-effective, quick to install and scalable. 

C•CURE 9000 Enterprise

C•CURE 9000 Enterprise supports fully Integrated Security Solutions with complex process structures and high levels of security, providing an advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability.

Technology and Innovation

Securing your confidential data and assets using enhanced Access Control can be significantly improved with our advanced security solutions. We offer Fire Alarm, Intrusion Detection and intercom integration opportunities as well as full database synchronisation across servers.

Our advanced and sophisticated recognition features allow you to:

  • Improve your organisations security and employee safety
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Through the advanced analytics feature, easily report and quickly organize personnel localisation should an emergency arise

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