Care Communication

  Increase safety, protect lives and support
efficient nursing and care processes.

Care Communication

// Care Communication, Management and Monitoring

Safe, efficient and reliable care

Johnson Controls’s care communication solutions, ZETTLER® and ELPAS®, protect patient safety and support nursing staff 24 hours a day. These scalable solutions have become increasingly important due to the demographic development of society, longer life expectancy and increasing awareness of safety and risk management in hospitals and care facilities. In addition, we understand that the rising costs of the health care industry demand new care models, better efficiency and process oriented, integrated solutions.

Our stand-alone care communication solutions integrate into other safety and security solutions to save you time in case of emergency and provide vital information at the point of care. This gives you access to all your information in one interface, including equipment and patient tracking and monitoring to increase service quality and patient satisfaction.

Key benefits

  • Safety: Protect lives, self-monitor to identify system failures, activate an emergency call and locate immediately those in danger
  • Efficiency: Experience less unnecessary journeys, access to more information on a LAN-based communication and a customised workflow
  • Reliability: Thousands of ZETTLER® care communication systems protect lives every day
  • Sanitation: Most of our products can be disinfected or have an antibacterial finish applied, which is a distinct advantage in terms of hygiene and in the battle against harmful infections within hospitals

Value-added features and services

24/7 Patient Assistance

We’ll help you assist your patients by providing bedside communication in the form of patient handsets, telephones and a communication terminal with hands-free and private talking capabilities. We can also provide solutions that afford you 24/7 assisted living monitoring.

Wander alarm systems (such as personal transponders) for wandering patients allow you to keep track of disorientated persons while patients will benefit from emergency call capabilities. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) solutions allow for temperature monitoring and alarms for patient movement, low battery and even tampering and manipulation. 

Infant Protection

This solution helps hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity environments without compromising on privacy. We provide continuous supervision by tracking infants’ real-time locations from delivery to discharge. All this is made possible through an infant protection bracelet which emits real-time ID and location tracking data. 

Asset Management Solutions

These Elpas RTLS solutions are designed to supplement traditional security measures to reduce shrinkage of critical high-value mobile medical assets. This is achieved by capturing real-time information (location, time/date and motion) about the protected asset and alerting security when illicit tampering or unauthorised movement is detected.

Due to the ease of implementation, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect thousands of medical assets in challenging, indoor/outdoor medical environments. 

Correctional Facility Security

We understand that safety of correctional facility personnel is paramount, which is why we provide a complete range of prison security solutions.

Secure Communication

Modern cell call systems in prisons, forensic hospitals and police stations are increasingly taking on functions that facilitate the work of the officers, enhance security and improve communication with the inmates. Our ZETTLER® Medicall® 800 Security is a call systems solution which:

  • Has been designed specifically for prison and correctional facility use
  • Is vandal-resistant, with protective housing made from steel
  • Can monitor itself, identifying and reporting faults
  • Can monitor all means of transmission, call lines and the parts required for making calls as well
  • Is fitted with an emergency power supply
  • Guarantees that calls are stored in the event of interruptions

Prison Guard Security

We provide the ability to respond quickly to the correct location when an officer is in trouble using ELPAS Emergency Call. Using indoor/outdoor Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology, ELPAS Emergency Call provides manual and/or automated alerts to deliver precise real-time location data which identifies and locates the individual in trouble in order to dispatch emergency response teams.

This is possible using a correctional-grade, holster worn man-down emergency call transmitter with two emergency call buttons and an on-board tilt switch and pull cord enabling automatic alarming. The ELPAS Emergency Call solution can be adapted to any prison environment and expanded to cover additional indoor and exterior buildings areas or additional officers as security needs evolve.

Product Portfolio

We offer a scalable Care Communications portfolio to cover multiple applications and provide the right solution for every kind of property including prisons, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, sanatoriums, retirement homes, sheltered housing and assisted living homecare organisations.

ZETTLER® Medicall® 800

A world leader in safety, systems and integrations. Medicall 800 is a nursecall and care communication system based on LON® bus technology or in voice over IP. It provides numerous call functions, direct communication options, different answer variants and interfaces to other electronic systems. These essential features of Medicall 800 help make care organisations more efficient while at the same time enhancing patient and personnel safety.


This Care Communication solution allows for object tracking and locating, real-time inventory management, baby tagging and wander alarms. This affords you protection and visibility of patients, staff and assets.

Technology and Innovation

Care Communication solutions can be integrated with your existing security systems to save you time, money and increase efficiency. We pride ourselves in our innovative solutions which include:

  • Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS): A cost-effective way to protect high-value assets, location of personnel and patient/visitor safety by layering real-time location based security data onto traditional security access control and video monitoring systems. ELPAS powerful RTLS triple-technology consists of radio frequency transmissions, infrared connectivity and low frequency magnetic fields making it the optimal means of enabling location awareness.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): We offer a comprehensive portfolio of application specific, Active RFID tags designed specifically for the safety, security and visibility needs of the healthcare, government, educational, commercial and industrial sectors. These include: Personal Safety Bracelet, High-Risk Security Bracelet, Heathcare Positioning Tag, Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter, Infant Protection Bracelet, Personnel Identity Badge, Asset Tracking Tag and a Low Profile Asset Tag.
  • Antibacterial: All our Medicall 800 devices are not only washable according with the cleaning protocols but they also present a specific plastic treatment which confers them antimicrobial feature.
  • Touchscreen: Our room terminals provide an excellent user interface embedded in a 3.5” inch color touchscreen. This allows a faster adoption and absolutely efficiency in terms of showing the critical information at the right site.

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