Fire Detection

  Reliable, early detection of fire coupled
with superb false alarm management. 

Fire Detection

// Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Advanced, intelligent Fire Detection solutions

Our range of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems protect your property and business by detecting fire at the earliest stage. This gives you more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish fires before they become life, building or business critical. Our ZETTLER® branded systems are built on MZX Technology and ensure world-class Fire Detection coupled with precise localisation of fire.

Value-added features and services

Advanced Fire Detection

Ensure early detection of fire by-products including heat, toxic gas, smoke and radiation (via flame detection). These powerful alarm notifications bring you the broadest level of standards compliance, improved overall serviceability and excellent value due to the extended life time which lowers your costs. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Save lives by facilitating fast alerts for the emergency services. As soon as a fire alarm is signalled, it is transmitted as a real-time notification to one of our Central Monitoring Centres and the local fire service is alerted. Our TXG software centralizes the alarm management, highlighting the precise location of the activated detectors. You will be able to pinpoint the exact fire location and take immediate action.

Emergency Communications: Evacuation and PA Systems

We also provide both Emergency Lighting and PA (Public Address) systems to support timely, safe and compliant evacuation procedures. These include a choice of traditional bell, electronic sounder, recorded voice or live microphone transmissions as part of an emergency alarm programme.

To complement these audible alarms, our systems can incorporate emergency/exit lighting plus visual and tactile products to assist hearing impaired escape fire. For more information, visit the Emergency Communications page.

Special Hazardous Area Protection

Fire Detection is especially necessary in hazardous environments or areas with explosive atmospheres. Our Special Hazards Suppression System is intended for high-hazard, high-value manufacturing processes or specialty equipment requiring a combination of electrical and mechanical Fire Protection systems. We provide both conventional and digital systems alongside with edge sensors such as flame vision or fibre optic. This means we are able to provide flexible solutions which can cover your specific risks. 

Product Portfolio

We offer Integrated Solutions with high-end security for large industries, hybrid and standalone solutions for advanced security within retail or commercial industries and stand-alone products for residential customers and small business. These include:


A range of flexible, addressable panels which fit any requirements. They deliver excellent performance and reliability thank to the Fastlogic algorithm, which combines the different sensor values to provide precise situational information.  These panels can be clustered on a security network to ease the tasks of management and maintenance. Last but not least, they support backward compatibility, allowing modernizing any installation with minimum costs. 

Generation 6 Detectors

With our sixth generation we pioneered the introduction of IR (infrared) sensors and transmitters, which offer superior levels of performance and many features. This allows a simpler maintenance interfering less in your daily business activities. These detectors are designed to be both adaptable and flexible, which means they can be used in most premises to protect against a wide range of potential fire risks. They use sophisticated digital signalling (FSK) to communicate with the MZX Technology fire control panel. Colour options allow the detectors to blend into the interior design for a seamless effect.

Between our multiple range of detectors, the 3oTEC Multi-Sensor takes the best optical smoke detection technology and combines this with carbon monoxide gas detection and heat detection. This results in a universal fire detector which provides earlier detection of smouldering fires and absolute false alarm resilience that cannot be matched with any other kind of punctual detectors. 

MZX SensorLaser™ Plus

Fast and continuous Fire Detection, even in difficult and varying conditions. This linear heat detection system is optimal for heavily dispersed facilities such as traffic and supply tunnels, cable routes and conveyor belts as well as large scale buildings. 

Technology and Innovation

The ZETTLER® Fire Detection system is built on the MZX Technology platform which has been developed on the back of the best innovation of Johnson Controls companies in the field of Fire Detection. The ZETTLER® range is the most resilient, reliable and serviceable systems available with the broadest level of standards compliance. Through our advanced system architecture we ensure forward and backward compatibility whilst providing the hooks to support redundant networks, IP communication technology, advanced user interfaces and open protocol integration with other systems.

It is also imperative for our product range to be able to carry and analyse the right information at every moment. Our unique Frequency Shift Key (FSK) modulation of the data, achieves an unpaired reliability in our data communications. This allows our systems to overcome heavy interferences, which means fewer false alarms, less faults and easier upgrades from your previous system. 

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