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Innovative fire fighting solutions

Our Fire Suppression solutions are diverse in order to meet the protection needs of any kind of environment. These include large marine vessels, critical data centres at financial institutions, schools and universities, emergency hospitals, high-hazard oil platforms, transportation networks, public works projects, industrial production sites, factories and world-renowned museums. We help you maintain business continuity in the event of fire and reduce consequential losses to an absolute minimum.

Value-added features and services

Gaseous Fire Suppression

Both natural and chemical gas extinguishing agents are ideally suited to the protection of property. Thanks to innovative technologies, however, they can now also be applied for personal protection. We use gaseous extinguishing agents where water has potential to cause damage to facilities.

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Water Fire Suppression

Water is the most famous of all extinguishing agents as it is inexpensive and available almost everywhere. Thanks to its compatibility with other materials, water can also be used in many applications.

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Special Hazard Fire Suppression

This kind of safety system is ideal for high-hazard, high-value manufacturing processes or specialty equipment requiring a combination of electrical and mechanical Fire Protection systems. The aim is to ensure that this system does not disable or damage the contents in the protected enclosure such as manufacturing areas or data storage rooms. Other examples include cooling towers, process pumps, transformers or enclosures that house explosive or flammable liquids, gases or solids.

These applications require a specialised Fire Suppression solution due to high replacement costs or potential interruption of a production line. We provide system planning, installation and maintenance of Fire Protection systems with detection and extinguishing agents developed specifically for hazardous environments.

Product Portfolio

We offer a broad portfolio of Fire Suppression solutions, suited to almost any company of any size.

Our Gaseous Fire Suppression solutions include: 


An environmentally friendly, non-toxic extinguishing agent made from natural gas (nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide). It has been extensively used throughout the world as a preferred Gaseous Fire Suppression agent for over 16 years and remains the longest surviving Halon replacement on the market to date. INERGEN® is absolutely safe for humans. It is incredibly cost competitive and does not take up premium floor space as the cylinders can be placed remotely from the protected risk. There are currently three types of INERGEN® systems available, subject to the type of fire risk involved.

Natural Fire Fighters with Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is the original "clean" agent that suppresses fire without leaving behind an agent to damage sensitive equipment, and because there is no agent to clean up, you are back in business faster. We offer both high and low pressure systems.

SAPPHIRE™ Fire Suppression System

Based on the clean chemical extinguishing agents 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. In its idle state, it is a colourless liquid that does not conduct electricity nor have any effect on paper products. As a replacement to Halon systems, it has no consequences on global warming or on the ozone layer depletion and it complies to the European F-GAS directive. SAPPHIRE™ is effective against fire, does not wet equipment, saves you space and is also safe for humans and the environment.

It’s a great solution for spaces such as engine or data processing rooms, medical labs and telecommunication facilities. 

ANSUL R-102™ Fire Protection System

Designed specifically for professional catering kitchens to extinguish fire within seconds. ANSULEX –LpH is non-toxic, totally harmless to health with a residue that can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Our Water Fire Suppression solutions include:


A very effective means of extinguishing a fire invented nearly 150 years ago, sprinkler systems selectively operate where a fire is located. 


Providing protection by rapidly cooling the fire, watermist reduces corrosion damage and preserves the functionality of your machines and systems. 


Our Johnson Controls HPWM (High Pressure Water Mist) extinguishing system, it’s an economical extinguishing method which releases an even finer watermist of pure water that absorbs the radiation of the fire in order to extinguish it. Using high pressure, water is atomised into small droplets of vapour which displace the oxygen to extinguish fire. Damages to the environment, people and property are minimised. 

Technology and Innovation

We have built a reputation for developing breakthrough solutions by leveraging technology to meet our customer’s needs. For us, the objective has always been to save lives and property: but thanks to our pioneering breakthroughs and technological innovations, our solutions can do more. Our Fire Suppression range offers superior quality, is environmentally friendly and produces easier and more cost-effective installations. 

Some of the “firsts” that Johnson Controls has brought to the market are:

  • First fully automatic integrated Fire Suppression system
  • First sustainable inert gas clean agent system
  • First cartridge-operated fire extinguisher
  • First vapour mitigating foam
  • First dry and liquid spill-control agents
  • First environmentally compatible, biodegradable foam concentrates
  • First temperature-sensitive automatic sprinkler
  • First residential sprinkler listing

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“Johnson Controls’s solutions stood out from the competition by combining local industry knowledge and internationally recognised, quality products with a proven track record of being the best for theft reduction.”


“Johnson Controls’s solution for Aspiag Service has resulted in a reduction in inventory losses, which quickly covered the installation costs: this investment produced an increase in profits”


“Through the offering of a complete, scalable, remotely manageable store performance platform, Johnson Controls’s integrated approach distinguishes it from the competition”

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