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Video Solutions

// Video Security Systems

Leverage Video to improve security management

Our portfolio encompasses analogue, IP and hybrid Video Surveillance systems which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing architecture to help you deter and prevent crime. This creates a safer working environment to protect customers and employees, ensuring business continuity.

As a single-source system integrator, we provide best-in class, flexible and cost-effective solutions which offer:

  • Support: Streamlined event management and easily accessible recordings and live view.
  • Protection: Proactive detection and enhanced investigation capabilities via Video Content Analysis, Video Analytics or 24/7 Monitoring Services.
  • Optimisation: Process support and business intelligence via ERP or CRM integration.

Value-added features and services

Video Surveillance Software

We offer scalable and market-driven solutions including analogue, IP-based and hybrid systems, with standalone or fully networked video recording and storage. Our digital technology delivers enhanced image quality and remote video viewing using web-based applications and mobile devices.

Our Video Surveillance Software can also send direct alerts (automated notification) to operators in an event of interest. These semi-automated processes could include counting people, identifying unattended packages, recognising licences plates or detecting motion.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics technology enables you to automatically identify security threats from huge volumes of data. We offer integrated Video Analytics to ensure:

  • Greater reliability and stability of your overall system, resulting in more actionable information.
  • Greater cost-efficiencies which pave the way for new applications.

On-board intelligence to identify events of interest.

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Our interactive Video Monitoring Services can turn your on-site alarm and camera investment into a proactive tool that solves business problems. With Managed Video Services, you’ll be able to connect your existing Video Surveillance infrastructure to our security monitoring and management service.

Our Monitoring Centres allow trained operators to view events at your site remotely, secure facilities (without the expense of surveillance admins or guards) and immediate return on investment. This ROI is as a result of the reduced burden of technology purchases, upgrades and maintenance.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Increased profitability via reduced employee turnover
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Faster response time from police or your guarding agency.

Learn more about Video Surveillance as a Service.

Mobile Support

All your video material can be accessed, searched and viewed via portable devices, which means you benefit from remote monitoring, dynamic bandwidth management and the ability to search and playback recorded video on smartphones or tablets. We also offer a fully-featured Video Surveillance iOS application for the analogue ADTVR and Hybrid HDVR recorder and for the whole VideoEdge IP and hybrid recorder range.

Product Portfolio

Our services and monitoring products include: 

Victor Unified Client (Video Management System)

Victor Unified Client provides a powerful way to manage multiple records, cameras and real-time alarms within one platform.

Designed to fit all needs from small to enterprise applications, this scalable, single-point software solution unifies the American Dynamics recording platforms to single or multiple screens. 

Possible application scenarios are:

  • Stand-alone Video Management solution
  • Primary event management software in an integrated environment

VideoEdge (IP and Hybrid Video Surveillance Solution)

A unified, open platform solution to access all video devices, local and remote, it can support a wide range of third party hardware, storage, video devices and clients. Our recorders offer up to 800 Mbps of guaranteed video throughout, up to 36 TB onboard storage and embedded Video Analytics.

Possible application scenarios are:

  • ŸOpen managed system with interfaces to different cameras and management systems
  • ŸFully scalable, developed for small up to large systems
  • Compatibility with leading security management systems 

VideoEdge Go (iOS application)

A robust video surveillance application for VideoEdge network and hybrid video recorders, VideoEdge Go is a fully featured video surveillance iOS application for VideoEdge network and hybrid video recorder.

VideoEdge Go mobile app provides:

  • Visibility into your video surveillance from anywhere, allowing remote monitoring of your system
  • Fully featured video surveillance iOS application for the analogue ADTVR and Hybrid HDVR recorder available
  • ŸDynamic bandwidth management to get the best results Ÿ
  • Search and playback recorded video on smartphones or tablets
  • Availability for the whole VideoEdge range

Illustra IP Cameras and Discover Analogue Cameras

This seamless and innovative range includes multiple functionalities which offer different features, options and benefits to meet any requirements. 

The range contains various construction forms and resolutions presented in a stylish, compact, clean, versatile and uniform design.

Technology and Innovation

Through technology innovation and investment capitalisation, we are able to offer varying levels of integration including multiple surveillance products and complex integration with IT and business applications. As technology and customer expectations evolve, we’ve identified key market trends that will reshape the video security industry. These include:

  • Flexible, cost-effective storage with increasingly powerful processors, bandwidth and performance.
  • Anytime Broadband internet access and IP based systems with unified interfaces.
  • Mobile access and cloud-based storage applications and Managed Video.
  • Video Analytics management, via business intelligence to support data mining integrations and monitoring services.
  • Simplicity, ease of use and attractive/seamless design.

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